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We, Madeleine & Beatrice, founded M&B Care in 2018. With our passion for traveling and having completed our bachelor’s degree in business administration, we got the idea to start our own travel company. We offer different programs around the world, such as volunteering, internships, and language courses. We both have lived in the United States for two years while working as au pairs, and we had an amazing experience. Since then, we have been traveling around the world doing internships, volunteering in animal shelters, teaching English, and supporting other projects like conservation. We have visited all our partner organizations ourselves to make sure the projects are ethical and the team in the respective countries shares the same goals and values.
We have been fortunate enough to have had countless unforgettable adventures, and would like to provide you with the same! Are you ready to travel to Bali to volunteer? Or to support a conservation project in Sumatra to save the orangutans? Or learn Spanish in Costa Rica? If so, we are more than happy to help you with your next adventure!
MB Care Sprachkurs und Freiwilligenarbeit


Inspire people to travel responsibly and also support them in making their dreams come true.


Creating a future in which everyone travels responsibly while respecting cultures, people, animals, and the environment. 


  • Travel and live responsibly

  • Ethical volunteer projects that have the best interest of local people and animals in mind

  • Treating other people, animals, and environment with respect

  • Plant-based nutrition for the animals, health, and the environment

  • Carefully selected volunteer projects and partner agencies

  • Fair program fees

  • Making sure that volunteers don’t take jobs away from locals

  • Minimization of plastic to protect the environment

  • Fair payment for locals in the respective countries